Your business partner for setting up in China and company formation china worldwide

Why do business in China?

company formation china
Company Formation China
  • Major emerging market
  • Large trained labour pool
  • Favourable business atmosphere
  • Dynamic fast-growing economy
  • Rapidly increasing consumer wealth
  • Very low employment costs

Why go global?

  • Market exploration
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Royalties
  • Asset protection
  • Optimising tax planning

Are you looking at areas like outsourcing, investment, manufacture or production in China? Do you want to gain a foothold in the world’s biggest promising market? Are you worried that there’s too much red tape? Too many languages and culture barriers? Too complicated or simply too exotic for your present members of staff? Where do you start? How much will outsourcing and company formation china cost?

We are a team of incorporation experts with 11 years of company formation expertise. From our offices in Shanghai we provide incorporation consultancies to businesses and individuals who desire to set up a company in China for exploiting the benefits it offers,as well for outsourcing, and as a new market.

Whether you are willing to dip your toe in the water of the Chinese market for your company products or services, or consider outsourcing much of your production or research and development activities to China to take advantage of the massive cost savings, we are here to help you to accomplish your business goals.

In this website we show you a summary of the various business frameworks that are available to foreign companies wishing to outsource to or set up and and register their offices in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As China’s business environment improves quickly, it is very important for your company to choose and implement the most suitable corporate structure to answer your purposes.

Our advice and assistance in company formation china and worldwide incorporation will be tailored for you so that you can achieve your outsourcing or market opening objectives in the most efficient and beneficial manner.

Are you seeking to expand abroad?

Need a correct business structure? We are a group of specialists with one decade of experience with global company incorporations and offshore company formations. We have brought our incorporation expertise along with our international network of reputable and trusted company formation china agents to China. Corporate management and administration services are available from our branches in China.