About us – CityScope

CityScope Holding Ltd. specializes in satisfying the increasing demand from Chinese companies to invest and incorporate abroad and companies from the Western-World pushing into the Chinese market for cost cutting purposes or to setup a company to explore and reap the benefits of the largest and fastest growing market in the world.

Quality – CityScope

Quality – CityScope
Quality – CityScope

CityScope is the brain child of a group of companies operating in the field of company incorporation and management, cross-border-tax-planning and business consulting. CityScope Holding Ltd. functions to facilitate the group clients’ Chinese requirements. Cityscope not only sets up companies and all types of cross border structures virtually worldwide, but also has the systems and know how in place to administer such structures for a short market introduction period, or however long clients may require such services for.

CityScope Holding Ltd. is a fusion of British, Chinese and German know-how. Advisers and administrators are represented from all these countries and services are provided in all three languages.

Cityscope also put its attentions on support non-Chinese companies which are interested in opening a company (WFOE Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) or subdivision in mainland China. We can help you setup a Representative Office (RO), Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE or often called WOFE). The plan of starting an office in China can take one to several months. Think of the struggle of dealing directly with authorities in Chinese. We can help you to focus on your main goal. Cityscope can provide cost-reducing method which most companies need. We can make sure you will quickly find the best method to China.

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