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china incorporation
china incorporation

Think China

From our office we offer you advice, consultancy, and administrative services to establish your business presence in China (china incorporation) in the most cost efficient and effective manner. There are several methods available to incorporate your business in China. We can give you personalized consulting specific to your circumstances and requirements. Our multilingual team of consultants have a broad experience in worldwide incorporation, company formation, and cross-border tax planning, as well as a thorough knowledge of business laws and regulations in mainland China. For the benefit of our clients we maintain strong relationships with distinguished local professionals, such as lawyers, local service companies, estate and employment agents, thus ensuring quality services at a reasonable price.

Verify Chinese Companies

In order to verify the Chinese company please help us by providing an authorized information sheet of the company. China incorporation.

China Incorporation

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Go Global

Via our world-wide network of formation specialists we are able to supply services like company incorporation, corporate management and administration in more than 60 countries, including low-tax and offshore jurisdictions. Consultancy is available on cross-border and international tax planning, and the most efficient structures to manage the ownership and tax liabilities of your global operations. Our technology enables almost complete automation of the incorporation process, regardless of your choice of jurisdiction. This means that all the necessary documentation for your customized incorporation will be with the registrar in the jurisdiction of your choice in the shortest possible time. Your package will be delivered by express courier service within days. Most of our competitors provide incorporation services in only a few jurisdictions. In contrast, we allow you the freedom to choose where to incorporate. All jurisdictions on offer have beneficial tax laws and are both onshore and offshore. We also provide a comprehensive range of preformed and seasoned corporations as well as additional corporate services in all the jurisdictions we serve.

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