We are specialise in Incorporation services in China.

Our Services in China include:

  • Incorporation service
  • Consulting service
  • Management service
  • Finding the right province and city
  • Finding the right Chinese staff
  • Registered address
  • Finding the right office and manufactory locations
  • Finding a licensing partner
  • Product research
  • Opening a bank account
  • Accounting book keeping and tax declaration
  • Patent registration
  • Finding an estate agent

Verifying Chinese Companies

Some Chinese companies may not be real and it is a scam. Your deal may not be legally protected by the authorities and if this is the case it will be difficult to recover any money paid to someone

There are some Chinese websites that can help provide company verification, but there is little support for us English speakers. Here are some tips to help you ensure you are dealing with a valid supplier:

  • Every legal company in China needs to be registered with the Chinese government authorities.
  • Once approved, each company is provided with a Chinese company name, a unique company number and has a registered address.
  • Make sure to get the company name in Chinese or as an alternative, its number and address.

NOTE:Only the Chinese company name can be searched, if you do not have this you can supply us with company registration number.


To verify the company in major cities in China by providing an authorizied information sheet of the company. This would include basic information of the company such as the name, registration number, legal director, and status, even the major change of the companies.

This could be done within 3-4 working days. We can provide electronic copies of all the documents or the original documents for extra courier fees. As all the documents are in Chinese we can provide a translation service if you require.